24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

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Specifications: 24
Color: fruit lemon transparent yellow
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: about 30g
Packaging: carton + blister packaging

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

DY124 Glue Style

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails
24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails
24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails
Jelly gel nails
1. Clean the nail surface with alcohol cotton
2. Choose the right size to match your nails
3. Paste the appropriate jelly glue on the back of the nail piece and tear off the plastic film
4. Align the thin end of the nail with the root of the nail, with numbers on the outside
5. After wearing, use a nail file to trim the fake nails
6. Done
Note: Do not touch water for 4 hours after completion

How to use glue nails
1. Clean the surface of your nails with alcohol cotton pads
2. Choose the right size to match your nails
3. Apply an appropriate amount of nail glue to the thin end of the nail
4. Align the thin end of the nail with the root of your nail, and press firmly for about 25 seconds
5. After wearing, trim your nails with a nail file
6. Done
Note: within 2 hours after pasting, the glue is not strong enough or the glue is applied less or the pressing time is less than 25 seconds.

How to remove fake nails
1. The glue type can wait for a long time to let it fall off by itself, or soak it in warm water for about 15 minutes. The fastest way to remove it is with a glue remover or nail remover: apply a few laps along the edge of the nail piece, let the liquid penetrate into the nail piece, and then gently peel it off.
2. The jelly type can be peeled off after soaking in warm water for a few minutes, because it is relatively firm, be careful not to break it.
3. The double-sided tape is the easiest to remove, just peel it off, and there is no trace at all.
4. Wear the armor and open it.

Additional information

Number of Pieces

One Unit


Mainland China

Nail Length

about 18-27mm

Nail Width

about 8-16mm




24 Pcs/box

Item Type

False Nail

Place of Origin

Yiwu, Zhejiang

Nail Art Name

Nail Art Fake Nails


Fruit yellow transparent

Package size

About 12x7x1.2cm


about 30g

14 reviews for 24pcs Lemon Short Fake Nails

  1. T***e

    Très joli, cour. Super

  2. S***s

    Ils sont très gentils, ils ont l’air bien, je vais devoir les classer tellement, ils sont arrivés à temps presque 3 semaines.

  3. S***n


  4. Customer

    C’est la même couleur que l’image.

  5. A***a

    Taille moyenne merveilleux

  6. B***r

    C’est un peu plus léger que ce que je pensais, mais c’est toujours vraiment mignon et celui-ci est venu avec un bâton de colle et des autocollants.

  7. A***h

    Tailles d’ongles adaptées, tenue correcte (pads adhésifs fournis en cadeau) sur 4 jours.

  8. S***z

    Je ne les ai pas encore utilisées, elles sont les mêmes que sur la photo!. Ils sont arrivés super vite.

  9. Customer


  10. Customer

    J’adore ça. Reçu rapidement.

  11. R***r

    Tout est super comme décrit

  12. B***a

    Jolis designs, bon prix et le colis est arrivé super vite! Je recommande

  13. G***d

    Très contente, très brillant, comme sur la photo. Bonne taille. je recommande Arrivé rapidement

  14. Customer

    Environ 30 jours avant l’arrivée de la commande

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