Set Slimming Patch Lower Body Slim Patch Fat Burning Paster Thigh Belly Hip

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Ingredients: Pure natural plant extract ( Premium Wormwood, Sichuan Peppercorns, Fujian Longan, Honey )

Packing list: One Box ( 30pcs patch+30pcs Pills )

Product size: Patch 45*45mm, Pills 10mm

Poducts Function

Main functions

  1. Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning Slimming
  2. Inhibit fat synthesis and accelerate fat decomposition
  3. Anti-aging, Regulate skin quality

Other Functions

  1. Improve Stomach upset and indigestion
  2. Improve Irregular Menstruation
  3. Promote metabolism and improve immunity

Directions for Use


  1. Clean the skin and keep the skin dry.

2-A: Take 1 pill and sticker, tear open the package and put it on your belly button.

2-B: Take 3 pills and stickers, tear the package apart and put them on your navel and on the soles of your feet.

  1. Combined with a moderate amount of sports and reasonable diet, the slimming effect is much better.


* Use 1 piece per day, recommended to use at night, using time is 8 hours and shall not exceed 10 hours.

* It will be better to use warm towel before attaching, more conducive to the absorption.

* Skin abnormalities or the use of the phenomenon of skin irritation, please stop using it immediately. Pregnant women, the elderly, young children should not be used.

Efficacy principle

* Most weight loss drugs are taken orally. Some drugs are partly destroyed or neutralized in the stomach, intestine or liver before reaching the bloodstream. Accordingly, a higher dose is needed to ensure efficacy, which in turn may increase the risk of side effects.


* Doctors around the world agree that natural herbal weight loss patches are a proven weight loss solution, because It has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin. They are absorbed directly into the blood stream, As much as 95% of the potency enters the cells that need them.

* The navel is called “Shenque Point” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is connected with the internal organs of the human body. Modern medicine has confirmed that the navel exists as an organ for absorbing nutrients during the embryonic development process. Our slimming patch is made of natural herbs in strict proportions, more Safe to use. Has the effect of promoting metabolism, inhibiting fat production, and accelerating fat decomposition.

Additional information

Brand Name



Slimming Patch



Model Number





Weight loss sticker


Lose weight,slim,burn fat


Safe,100% natural herb


Sticked to the abdomen


Body slim patch


Weight Loss Patch


Slimming, burning fat, lose weight

11 reviews for Set Slimming Patch Lower Body Slim Patch Fat Burning Paster Thigh Belly Hip

  1. E***e

    Very Accurate. Thank you Seller ❤️. can’t wait to try it tonight.

  2. Customer

    From about 63kg to 56kg, some fat in belly have gone. I stick for about 50 days up to now, but I also do some exercises while I am not stick it, I use it in night and do exercises in daytime. In my experience, it works. Recommended by me

  3. Customer

    Thanks to the store for the careful packaging, the package is perfect, no damage, and the shipping is fast. I post one every night at bedtime. I don’t feel any discomfort. I eat normally as usual, and my stomach seems to be getting smaller. I will weigh it for verification. For now, I highly recommend it! !

  4. Customer

    I bought this sticker because my belly is a bit big. After using it, my stomach became smaller, and I felt that my weight was decreasing.

  5. A***n

    Very good. I can’t say about the effects yet.

  6. M***o


  7. Customer

    The effect is very good, I lost 4.2kg this month, and this weight loss patch is much cheaper than the one I bought in Japan, it is very convenient to use and will not damage the body.

  8. Customer

    The pill ball has strong herb smell,like it,keep using for 2 month, loss about 7kg,effective.not contact with store

  9. Customer

    I feel happy that the items come in very short time.After using to up now, I feel my belly fat has gone some. The items help me detox and loss the fat in belly.

  10. Customer

    I know it’s not easy to lose weight, but if you stick to it, you will see results. That’s exactly what I do. I put one on every day to sleep, and then tear it off when I wake up,feeling so good

  11. Customer

    It works, I didn’t expect this product to surprise me, it really helped me lose a lot of fat

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