Here is the list of the best paid trades in Quebec and Canada with and without university degrees. Salaries shown are annual and in Canadian dollars. They represent the salary of positions from entry level to the most experienced. It is important to note that two people of the same level can earn different income. A nurse, for example, can earn $ 80,000 per year, while another at the same level earns $ 120,000 per year; it all depends on the number of hours worked by each and the geographical location where they work (in metropolitan or in the suburbs).

The best paying jobs with a university education

1- Database administrator 66000 $ to 98000 $

The database administrator designs, administers and manages database management systems; it ensures the quality, security, consistency and permanent accessibility of information.

2- Supply chain manager 69000 $ to 105000 $

The Supply Chain Manager manages the entire production flow of a good or service with the goal of optimizing quality, profitability, delivery and customer experience.

3- Business administrator 34000 $ to 147000 $

This is a vast field, which can be both a field of study or a sector of activity comprising various trades. Business administration covers several disciplines or industries, including marketing, management, information systems, operations management, finance, human resources and others.

The business administrator must preside over all the day-to-day operations of a business in order to ensure its smooth operation. It must ensure the highest level of profitability and efficiency in its business. It is for him to optimize the organization of all departments and resources of the company in order to achieve the objectives set by her.

4- Quality Assurance Manager 40000 $ to 103000 $

The quality assurance manager ensures compliance with product manufacturing and packaging standards, as well as the hygiene of the facilities of the company in which he works. He combs through all the links in the chain, from the storage of raw materials to the transport of products. He has excellent analytical and communication skills and can work in several sectors: food industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

5- Product Manager 65000 $ to 110000 $

The product manager is responsible for coordinating, managing actions and making the necessary decisions regarding the products of its category as a whole, from design to commercialization and to meet the needs of customers in order to develop the turnover and profitability of its category.

6- Marketing Manager 35000 $ to 100000 $

He’s the one who heads the marketing department of a company. He is responsible for designing and implementing a company’s marketing policy, analyzing sales and setting business objectives. He draws up the broad lines of the company’s marketing policy and coordinates the marketing teams.

7- Computer Engineer 70000 $ to 115000 $

The duties of an IT engineer may vary depending on the company in which they work. But generally speaking, the computer engineer builds, develops and maintains networks, systems and computer servers. He may also be responsible for creating and programming computer installations and artificial intelligence, managing computer parks and developing software.

8- Tax Director 48000 $ to 102000 $

The role of the tax director of a company is to advise his company on the decisions to be taken on certain projects. He ensures that the company pays as little tax as possible in compliance with the legislation in force and optimizes the company’s taxation. It ensures that the company is always up to date with legislation that changes regularly.

9- Sales Director 46000 $ to 100000 $

The role of the sales manager is to develop and apply the commercial policy of a company. He manages the sales teams for which he is responsible and he monitors sales operations. In close contact with clients, he controls, analyzes, coordinates sales results and reports to general management.

10- Actuary 61000 $ to 98000 $

The actuary is a professional in statistics and probability. He develops and applies statistical, IT and financial tools to quantify and manage costs related to future and uncertain events. He assesses risks, costs and profitability, sets prices and monitors operating results. He analyzes the financial impact of risks and estimates the future flows associated with them. Actuaries use their expertise in financial mathematics, statistics and risk theory to solve specific problems.

11- Cytotechnologist 36000 $ to 75000 $

The cytotechnologist analyzes cancer cells in body fluids under a microscope. He analyzes samples taken during gynecological examinations to identify cancer cells. Sometimes he also tests urine, salivary glands, bone portions or lymph nodes.

12- Safety engineer 66000 $ to 105000 $

The security engineer ensures the security of the company’s computer network. He implements IT solutions to protect the company’s information systems and audits security protocols to identify and remedy weaknesses.

13- Automotive Sales Director 50000 $ to 188000 $

His main mission is to coach and help his team complete sales. He is responsible for establishing and enforcing the company’s sales policy.

14- Doctor 200000 $ to 300000 $

The doctor is a health professional who is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health problems encountered by individuals within a given population.

15- Statistician 54000 $ to 70000 $

The statistician collects, interprets and classifies data. Using mathematical processes and probability, he develops methods for making rational decisions despite the uncertainty that can result from any unforeseen event. The data it collects is then analyzed and translated into tables, charts, histograms, curves and pie charts.

16- Nurse 36000 $ to 125000 $

Nurses are responsible for a range of medical care according to the needs of the patients entrusted to them. They assess their state of health, determine and ensure the implementation of the care and treatment plan. They provide nursing care and treatment with the aim of maintaining the health of their patients, restoring it or preventing disease.

17- Pharmacist 88000 $ to 112000 $

He’s the drug expert. He is responsible for ensuring the proper use of drugs among the population. He works in collaboration with other health professionals: doctors, nurses, his technical team, etc. He can prescribe drugs for simple health problems, adjust the doctor’s prescription to make sure the dosage is correct, do vaccinations, order lab tests to make sure the drugs are effective and safe.

18- Lawyer 68000 $ to 120000 $

The lawyer is an auxiliary of justice whose mission is to assist and represent in court a person, a company or an organization which comes to him and to defend his interests and his rights before the courts.

19- Dentist 50000 $ to 140000 $

The dentist is a healthcare professional who prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases and other problems affecting oral health. He performs routine exams and provides emergency care when needed so their patients can maintain good oral health.

20- Judge 180000 $ to 375000 $

The judge is officially invested with the authority to dispense justice, to judge, to rule the law. He receives complaints, examines them and must decide in a conflict between two parties. His decision is made on the basis of the facts and evidence presented to him, and according to the law applicable to the situation.

21- Mathematician 41000 $ to 82000 $

The mathematician is responsible for performing various complex mathematical calculations and analyzes in order to find solutions to problems of analysis, prediction, measurement, quantification and others. He works with other professionals in the organization to help them solve problems of a financial, economic or scientific nature.

22- Architect 64000 $ to 103000 $

He is a building professional responsible for designing, carrying out and monitoring the work. It is also involved in the rehabilitation and adaptation of landscapes, private, public, commercial or industrial buildings.

23- Chemical Engineer 57000 $ to 105000 $

The chemical engineer works in the transformation of materials, as well as in the development of related processes. He can work in many fields and have various tasks. He uses syntheses from laboratories to make processes applicable in the field of industry, food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, chemicals, etc. He is also involved in the design of industrial equipment.

24- Radiologist 260000 $ to 650000 $

The radiologist is a doctor specializing in medical imaging techniques: ultrasounds, x-rays, MRIs, scanners, etc. He identifies tumors and infections on parts of the body as well as fractures. He monitors fetal growth in pregnant women and uses x-rays and ionizing radiation for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

25- Epidemiologist 80000 $ to 100000 $

The epidemiologist studies the relationships between diseases and the factors involved in their appearance and development in a population. His work focuses on the study of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and non-communicable diseases.

26- Medical assistant 39000 $ to 100000 $

The medical assistant assists the general practitioner or specialist in his daily life. He welcomes and informs patients. He plans the doctor’s schedule and ensures the administrative follow-up of the hospital service. He can check the immunization status of patients, make appointments with specialists and take care of billing to free the doctor from administrative burdens. He welcomes patients, takes their temperature and blood pressure, monitors their medical records and ensures the proper preservation of the archives of patients medical records.

27- Electrician 48000 $ to 85000 $

The electrician designs, installs, assembles, tests and repairs electrical systems. He connects electrical devices and maintains networks and electrical systems for individuals and businesses.

28- Cardiologist 285000 $ to 600000 $

The cardiologist is a medical specialist who studies diseases related to the heart or cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, blood circulation disorders, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction etc. He is specialized in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease in his patients.

29- Web Developer 49000 $ to 78000 $

A web developer is a programming specialist. He is in charge of designing websites, software, applications and computer programs specific to the needs of the company for which he works or of his clients.

30- Director of Business Development 55000 $ to 170000 $

His main responsibility is to develop sales strategies and identify business opportunities in order to achieve the financial objectives of the company. He must have good skills in prospecting and acquiring new customers for the company.

31- Oncologist 200000 $ to 450000 $

The oncologist is a doctor specializing in oncology. He studies, diagnoses and treats cancerous tumors. He makes decisions on the best therapy to adopt for a particular patient, taking into account the type of tumor they have, their personal characteristics and their general condition. He is able to tell where the tumor is located, its progress and give the patient’s prognosis.

32- University professor 55000 $ to 120000 $

He is a teacher / researcher who has the task of guiding, teaching and advising students. He provides them the skills they need in order to enter the labor market and / or pursue higher education through research. He also supervises research teams in the context of his discipline.

33- Emergency doctor 200000 $ to 400000 $

The emergency doctor specializes in emergency medicine. He works in the emergency department and sets the urgency order of cases after a rapid assessment so that cases are dealt from the more to the less urgent. He receives and treats the seriously injured in the emergency department of a hospital.

34- Director Estimate 58000 $ to 162000 $

His role is to ensure the execution of estimates, lead a team of estimators, periodically assess the progress of activities, and ensure that deadlines are met.

35- Civil Engineer 60000 $ to 105000 $

Civil engineers work in five main areas: hydraulics, transport, environment, soil mechanics and foundations, and structures in general. They design, operate, plan, manage and supervise infrastructure works and other public, private and urban construction projects.

36- Financial analyst 60000 $ to 110000 $

The role of the financial analyst is to assess the financial impact of decisions made by a business or organization. He is an advisor to various companies and he is present in all spheres of society. He conducts financial analysis and evaluates economic and statistical data in order to forecast developments in financial markets and make recommendations on the best financial strategies to adopt.

37- Earth science engineer 65000 $ to 120000 $

An earth science engineer works in the research and exploitation of land resources, in the protection of the environment and studies natural and pollution risks.

38- Mobile application developer 58000 $ to 85000 $

He designs software for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices based on precise specifications. He is creative and has excellent coding skills. He designs, adapts and optimizes mobile applications taking into account the constraints of screen size, language and customer expectations.

39- Pharmacologist 88000 $ to 150000 $

The pharmacologist is responsible for improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental illnesses. He performs analyzes and experiments to better understand the effects of pharmaceuticals and drugs on the human body and on animals.

40- Software Engineer 70000 $ to 150000 $

The software engineer performs the design, programming and validation of a software module, as well as its integration and maintenance in an operational state. He designs software, interfaces, websites, applications, and other digital products.

41- Physicist 80000 $ to 100000 $

The physicist is responsible for designing, planning and carrying out research in a specific area of ​​physics using mathematics to better understand, predict phenomena and solve physical problems. He studies energy and matter, performs tests, measurements, analyzes, interpretations, and experiments. He uses the principles of physics to solve practical problems.

42- Transport engineer 80000 $ to 100000 $

The transport engineer develops and studies various projects related to the movement of people and goods by land, rail and sea, as well as projects related to pedestrian spaces, spaces reserved for the movement of non-motorized vehicles and vehicle parking. It carries out studies that take into account the environment, safety and comfort of public and private transport networks, based on models and simulations.

43- Petroleum Engineer 80000 $ to 130000 $

The petroleum engineer finds and participates in the exploitation of petroleum sources. He works in deposits, drilling and off-shore installations, at home or on land. It develops, extracts and refines gas and oil fields. He develops and supervises projects for the exploitation of oil and natural gas wells.

44- Construction inspector 42000 $ to 80000 $

The construction inspector reviews construction, commercial or industrial plans to ensure that their design meets government requirements of the Construction Code. He also carries out inspections on construction sites. He inspects the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and other public works to ensure their compliance with contracts, plans and specifications, as well as government regulations.

The best paying jobs without a university education or with a short secondary education

1- Police officer 48000 $ to 100000 $

The police are responsible for enforcing the law, maintaining public order, ensuring the safety of property and people. He responds to emergency calls when people dial the emergency number to report a crime, theft, accident, fire, or any other violation or when they feel in danger. He is also responsible for writing reports, taking depositions, issuing tickets to unruly users and arresting suspects. It also controls traffic in emergency situations and conducts patrols to maintain public order.

2- Real estate agent or broker 49000 $ to 160000 $

They best help and advise buyers in the process of acquiring new property. They seek out and offer their clients properties that match their budget and their criteria. They research and analyze the market to ensure that their customers will buy at the right price and represent them during the selling process.

3- Firefighter 48000 $ to 88000 $

Their main role is to fight fires and quickly rescue victims by providing them first aid according to the severity of their injuries and quickly transferring them to a hospital center. They are called in case of house fires, fires on public roads, vehicle fires and bush or forest fires.

4- Ship captain 45000 $ to 95000 $

He is in charge of the ship, its cargo and all passengers on the ship. It ensures the safety of the ship and everything in it regardless of the weather and navigation conditions. He ensures the maintenance of the vessel and the equipment and is familiar with the regulations relating to its construction and safety. He makes all the decisions, oversees the activities of the deck crew and the machinery department and even the hotel and catering industry.

5- Air traffic controller 50000 $ to 118000 $

From its control tower, it ensures the safety and fluidity of air traffic from takeoff to landing, as well as overflights of the airport and surrounding areas. It’s a high-risk job where the slightest mistake would be fatal for the entire aircraft team. He gives very precise instructions to pilots to roll take off and land. He can work in the civilian, air force, army and navy.

6- Crane operator 45000 $ to 95000 $

From his cab, the crane operator transports heavy materials on a construction site from one place to another. He is a highly qualified construction technician to drive and operate lifting machines at great heights using his crane. It is a job of concentration and precision where the slightest mistake could be fatal for one or more workers on the construction site, which is why he always makes sure that safety is guaranteed before taking action.

7- Criminal investigator 48000 $ to 85000 $

The investigator is responsible for the protection of property and people. He works for a police department and is responsible for investigating crimes, homicides, suspected arson, theft, illicit sale of alcohol, drugs and other narcotics, in order to gather the evidence necessary for the indictment and arrest of culprits.

8- Military 50000 $ to 146000 $

The military is responsible for ensuring the security and defending the integrity of the national territory against external attacks, ensuring and maintaining peace on the national territory and at the borders. He oversees the maintenance of public order and the safety of persons and ensures that army equipment is in good working order.

9- Truck driver 40000 $ to 75000 $

Truckers make short or long trips on different routes within a city, country, region or continent. They drive heavy machinery to move goods or materials from one place to another.

10- Public transport driver (bus, metro etc …) 40000 $ to 95000 $

Their job is to transport users on a given route from one point to another within a city, from one city to another, or from one province to another while respecting the passage at the stop points. They must hold a special permit and undergo appropriate training before they can practice their profession.

11- Helicopter pilot 35000 $ to 98000 $

The helicopter pilot is trained to fly at low altitudes. It is able to fly in mountainous areas and land almost anywhere. He prepares his flight plan before any departure in order to best guarantee passenger safety: weather control, tracing and checking of the fuel level.

12- Self-employed or Entrepreneur: Unlimited income

Unlike the employee, the entrepreneur works for his own account and is not under the subordination of people. He is his own boss, works for himself and is accountable to no one. He works alone or with other people for whom he is the employer.
He does not have a fixed salary but rather a variable income which depends on the net profit made by his business after deduction of all expenses, fixed and variable charges, salaries, taxes and duties, etc. It can happen that his business does not make any positive profits and he makes losses. He doesn’t really have a set working schedule and is free to take vacations whenever he wants.

13- Journalist 37000 $ to 70000 $

The main mission of the journalist is to collect information, verify their authenticity, write them and then communicate them by means of written media, audio, videos, or photos, in order to present facts that contribute to current events and public information. . He is sometimes called upon to question witnesses to whom he guarantees to protect their anonymity. As we usually say: a good journalist never reveals his source!

14- Elevator mechanic 59000 $ to 85000 $

Elevator mechanics work for elevator construction, installation and maintenance companies. He participates in the assembly, installation, repairs and maintains freight elevators, elevators, conveyor belts and escalators in accordance with current standards.

15- Respiratory therapist 50000 $ to 90000 $

The respiratory therapist helps doctors diagnose, treat and care for patients with cardiopulmonary and respiratory disorders. It is involved in respiratory or cardiac arrest and in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, emphysema, or asthma.

16- Thanatologist 40000 $ to 75000 $

Much like all other professions in the funeral industry, you have to feel a certain vocation to choose to become thanatologist. He is a professional who supports and accompanies bereaved families during the loss of a loved one by organizing the funeral rites of the deceased as well as their embalming. According to the demands of the bereaved families, he can make up the corpses and watch the burning bodies. You have to have a strong enough heart to work in this field where you have to endure the sight and smell of dismembered or rotting bodies of both adults and children.

17- Plumber 46000 $ to 70000 $

The work of a plumber consists of installing, repairing and maintaining appliances or sanitary installations in private, public residences, businesses and industries.
He also works on construction sites to install the network of pipes and piping. It traces the route of the pipelines and cuts the piping in the dimensions indicated.
He is also called upon to unclog the pipes of toilets, kitchen sinks, bathrooms and other water pipes when they become clogged, but also to install appliances, automatic sprinkler systems, swimming pools, etc.

18- Artist: unlimited income

An artist is a person who is endowed with an art, a particular know-how, who possesses a creativity and an originality that sets him apart from other people. He does not have fixed working hours, nor a fixed salary; his art is his main source of income. It can be painting, drawing, music, song, cinema, dance, etc.

19- Hearing aid professional 40000 $ to 68000 $

It is a health care professional who, after consultation and complete examination of his patients hearing system, performs the fitting, replacement, adjustment, sale of hearing aids to his clients and ensures follow-up with them.
He designs, manufactures and adapts hearing aids for deaf or hard of hearing people to help them return to a normal life.

20- Cable technician 35000 $ to 65000 $

He works for cable and satellite television companies and is responsible for installing and connecting various mobile and land communication systems, maintaining telephone equipment, cables and repairing telephone network interruptions.
He maintains and repairs cable and teletransmission networks as well as related accessories in private residences and commercial buildings.

21- Driller 40000 $ to 79000 $

The Driller installs the boreholes and performs extraction and pumping operations for liquid or gaseous products.
Specialized in land and underwater drilling work, it carries out drilling for the exploitation of groundwater, oil or gas.

22- Croupier 35000 $ to 60000 $

The croupier works mainly at night in Casinos, where he conducts gambling games. He must be specialized in at least three traditional games and be perfectly familiar with the rules of the game and their subtlety in order to properly inform the players and ensure the respect of the rules of the game. He shuffles and distributes the cards with great elegance and precision and takes care to maintain a pleasant atmosphere around the gaming table.

23- Minor 47000 $ to 108000 $

In the context of this article, a miner is someone who works in mines (not someone who has not yet reached the age of majority!). Even if it is well paid, this is a very high risk job despite all the accompanying protective measures and which is done far from large urban centers and sometimes abroad. It is also a cyclical job, that is to say that one works there on a seasonal basis which means that it would be a good idea to also have qualifications in a related field such as construction or plumbing in order to have something else to do the rest of the time.

24- Chef 40000 $ to 85000 $

With a secondary school certificate, you can become a chef in restaurants. The chef organizes and directs the kitchen teams for which he is also responsible for recruiting. He creates recipes, dishes, menus and proposes the menu. He is not just a cook, but also a manager, because he hires kitchen staff, directs them and takes supplies inventory, etc.

If you know of other high paying jobs with or without college degrees, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments!

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